57 West,Manhattan

It was the Indian Holi Celebration on 48th Street . I went to attend the Holi celebration but somehow I was unable to get the entry ticket. I thought let explore something around. The location was riverfront West Manhatten . After walking  towards north on the riverfront I found 57 West on 57th street the First major project about at the finishing  stage in Manhatten by my favourite Architect Bjarke Ingle.IMG_20160326_143419The View of 57 West a Pyramid shape tower from the South-West 
After two days of the visit of the Neighbourhood Complex, I visited BIG Bajarke Ingle Group office with my classmates. During the Bjarke Ingle office-tour the first project they explained to us was 57th West. 1View from South-West Corner 
The three corner of the building kept low with raising the north corner making a Central Courtyard. It allows maximum Sunlight to the residential units along with the View of the riverfront lawn .IMG_20160326_143753The Green lawn In front of 57th westIMG_20160326_145918Central Courtyard view from lobby
 It is a rental residential complex which has around 700 Residential Units. Lower Floors has supportive common activities space . 8grand entrance and lobby
On entrance there grand lobby is magnificent which interior walls are decorated with stacked bricks which gives a parametric effect.IMG_20160326_150237the double loaded corridor
The flats which run both side of the corridor faces either the Outer environment or the Central courtyard.2West View of the Complex
There is one industrial building at the north-west corner  of the building. The design of the building tried to make a Visual gap.IMG_20160326_144907side view of the complex



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