Park Guell The Gaudi Utopian Approach

Introduction :                                                                                                                                                             Gaudi strong connection with nature and architecture seems the key behind his Utopian approach to Create  garden with  habitable space on the uneven land of a Hill(Carmel Hill) at outskirts of Barcelona. It was planned to accommodate 60 houses with all supporting activities of the Reception building,Guard House,Market and Other recreational spaces. Early 19th century has several Art-Nouveau examples around the world. Reflection of the Art-Noveau style can be seen in Gaudi House at Park Guell.                                                                                                                                                                                               So the story of the Park Started from the idea of Count Eusebi Guell unsuccessful  township planned with 60 luxurious houses with triangulated  plots to get ample light and fresh air away from pollution. No buyer came to buy two of initial built (No Gaudi Design) houses in 1904.DSC_0035.jpgGaudí, at Güell’s suggestion, bought it with his savings and moved in with his family and his father in 1906.This house, where Gaudí lived from 1906 to 1926, was built by Francesc Berenguer in 1904. It contains original works by Gaudí and several of his collaborators.               Heart Space :                                                                                                                                                      The whole park as been developed on series of stepped terrace.  Gaudi made Colonnaded pathway where the road projects out from the hillside, with the vaulting forming a DSC_0125.jpgretaining wall which curves over to support the road, and transmits the load onto sloping columns. DSC_0019Colonnaded footpath under the roadway viaduct, with external columns sloping to take the diagonal thrust from the vault supporting the road.                                                                     When we moved to Monumental zone  of the park it was totally different experience. The architecture of building made for the market with series of colonnaded with the property of harvesting rainwater from rooftop to Underground reservoir through the center of the column itself.


The terrace of the unused marketplace acts as a plaza to get the view of the city. After moving down at the main entrance of the Park we got the most beautiful place of the plaza.DSC_0154 Two awesome buildings on the front gate were made for reception and security guards .  DSC_0196.jpgJust like the Spanish steps in Rome the steps are decorated with sculptures and vegetation.DSC_0224.jpgDSC_0162.JPGThe terrace has decorated interactive sitting space .                                                                             DSC_0076.JPGThis space which exists near the main gate was created for movement of horse chariots.DSC_0269View of the city from the top of the Park Sagrada Familia in the background.                                                                          The surprising edifices and sculpture which has been made with natural stone ,brick and recycled China tiles unify the concept of utopian landscape .

Sidharth Kumar                                                                                           


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