Part 1.Smart City an effort of Mayor and it’s citizens.

If Smart City is considered to be a roof of a complex structure,Mayor and his supporting staffs will be its pillars. Now when we talk about the citizens no doubt they will be compared with the foundation which exists at the lower level but without it, no structure can exist or stand properly.PRESENTATION29 copy.jpg   We  have seen global  summits to solve urban issues on global level. It’s good that world leader are coming together on one platform for to address the urban issues but will is solve the problems of Cities  on grass-root level.PRESENTATION29.jpg Do we need a similar summit among Mayer’s of the world ? How exchange of ideas among Mayor’s will affect the Cities around the world ? We will discuss in detail about Mayor’s ,It’s team and role of citizens for Smart Cities.                                                                                                                                    Mayor’s team : To make a city smart it’s essential is to make the citizens smart which is possible only with awareness ,training and open exhibition program. In hierarchy before going for awareness and Citizens training it’s essential is to train the representatives of the Citizens.A smart city is a regular efficient function process of the city where all City,Citizens and it’s environment related work  has to be done always. These are possible only the Mayor  and their supporting staffs should be smart also.The process of training can be done parallel to the Citizens awareness program also.  The trained team should be skilled enough to carefully program the and run the planned things.All divisions needed the expert in their field with team leader quality  .Essential needed staffs of the team would be members from Finance department ,Architecture and Planning department,Engineering department,Health department,Plumbing, and Sanitation department ,Electrification department Ann,Water resources department ,Expert from awareness and administrative field e.t.c                                                                                                                Mayor Importance : Despite the meeting of Ministers is essential to organize meetings of Mayors. The challenges in the Cities today are different from the past.The problem complexities are too complex today and it required to solved by different expertise. Sharing of ideas and experience by different Mayors can lead  solutions to several problems. Mayor Smartness:The truth behind world smart cities is the smartness of related Mayors and their teams.Some of the standout smart cities – Barcelona, Amsterdam, Malmo – exhibited dynamic leadership from their mayors as well as chief executives,“Crucially, they did not leave the evolution of the city to the market. Even Vicente Guallart professor of Iaac Barcelona and former Chief Architect of Barcelona City Council says ” Architects & planners are empowered by politicians/Mayor’s so If the Mayor decide architecture and Urban design is fundamental for the city then we play the fundamental role ,if this is not the case we don’t play the role.”
   Citizens Awareness: A smart city will be irrelevant to most of its inhabitants unless they can learn how to use new technology, says Adam Dennett, lecturer in smart cities at UCL. Very few people can pull live data from an API or set up a new sensor network to monitor air pollution – but until more can, smart cities risk being “little more than a marketing tool for big business”, he says.
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